About Latifah Arabians – Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses.

My name is Frida L. Mattsson and live in Sweden.
I breed and train Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses.

I grew up in a family that breed pedigree dogs and cats on a very high level, so my interest in breeding,
(specificly appearance and colour genetics) has always been with me due to my mother and her associates.
They were, and some still are, cat-/dogbreeders of the most professional level and has been so for decades.
The breeding world has been a natural choice for me, it has characterized my childhood.
I decided at the age of 12 that I wanted to breed Arabian Horses.

At young age I started with horses, I am the first generation in our family who began to train Horses.
The studs view on management and learning came from a friend to my parents.
She inspired me a lot of the teachings in the Spanish doctrine of horse management.
She had training by the Spanish Riding School and the teachings of the Spanish way of natural horsemanship.
She taught and made me realize the importance of understanding the behaviour in the flock,
to listen to it and have a good and harmonious relationship with the horse.
It is important to understand the ”language” of the horse to get the best result.
Patience and understanding in order to achieve this doctrine are both musts.

One of the most positive effects of handling the horses by this doctrine is that it builds up the individual horse.
The individual want to show off their charismatic personality and they get a true feeling of nobility.
A horse should have the education that suits that specific horse personality and the individual should not be forced into it.

This teaching I started when I was 12 years old with my paint pony mare with Arabian Horse blood
and my pure breed Arabian Horse with Egyptian and Polish blood.
These two beautiful mares I learned so much of horsemanship, dressage and driving etc. I received such inspiration from this teaching, it strengthened my interest even more to learn this art to observe the horses language and natural horse behavior.
That is where I found my place.

One of the main reasons I became interested in breeding Egyptian bloodlines was the Straight Egyptian stallion, Ansata Ibn Halima (Nazeer x Halima).
He made a strong impression on me, furthered my interest, and inspired me to find out more about Egyptian bloodlines.
I have spent years gathering the knowledge needed to create my stud and breeding program.
However, I believe you can never learn enough. It is a continual process, a life long journey.

The lesson I value most, I have learned from my mother Lena.

”Do you know the history? Then you know the future.”

I have the greatest passion to work with the Horses and the development of each individual.
Not to transform the Arabian Horse into a certain discipline and have the must to compete to prove something.
But there are no good reasons why a beautiful Arabian Horse cannot be highly skilled.
I work with my Arabian Horses very freely, and exercise and riding are focusing at the dressage arts.

The vision is to breed Arabian Horses who are elegant not only in their movements but also in their essence,
to have a detailed beauty and classical look with all the parts; Appearance, Type, Movements, Colour, Mind and Personality.
The task to combine all these parts into one are the perfect challenge. And to be successful in combining all these,
basic demands, is a real treat for me and the inspiration of constantly improving myself and my breeding even futher.
Also to preserve the history of the Arabian Horse and their essence which has been here for several thousand of years.

The most important thing is to be selective in the breeding plan and the great significance to always stay focused of
the ultimate objective one has set for oneself and never stray regardless of whatever temptations you might come across.
The stud is only producing a small scale of foals due to the attitude of only choosing carefully picked individuals that
will help bringing the vision of correct breeding further. To be part of creating the image one has of the perfect Arabian Horse into a reality.
I constatly strives to breed horses with strong personalities and authentic behaviour. It is important that the horse gets
alot of freedom to show off personality peculiarities and also an advantage that the horse wants to show the natural self, to be noble and show charisma.
To have a powerful and trustful Arabian Horse is for me the best kind of Horse breed to work with.

My focus is always the Arabian Horse, the essence of knowledge gives the timeless Arabian Horse.

The vision is to keep the origin and at the same time create a new future. / Frida L. Mattsson


This picture at Ansata Ibn Halima has I been granted permission to use on this website from Mrs Judith Forbis, Ansata Arabian Stud.

Ansata Ibn Halima is the image I have in my mind when planning my breeding program.
This classic beauty is for me a timeless Arabian horse. I have him in my mind always as a reminder and focus.
He gives me the inspiration to breed something that is my vision going forward, while never forgetting the history.

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